Poor Indonesia at SEA Games Thailand

I don’t know what happened with Indonesian Team in SEA Games. Untill today (11/12/2007) Indonesia is still number six under Vietnam (newly independent country), Singapore (the least populous country) and Philiphine (unstable country). When I was a kid, Indonesia was always number one in Sea Games. I am not sure when Indonesian rank went down. May be after reform movement? Please don’t blame the reform movement.

While I was discussing about this with an expatriate from England he suddenly came up with unpredictable answer, CORRUPTION. He said that corruption had prevented athletes from consuming good food, receiving enough money to support their life that made their motivation deteriorated.

If the answer is corruption we have to verify this argument. Is there no corruption in Vietnam, Philipine and Thailand? I doubt it. Like other developing countries, they experience similar virus that has devastated every corner of life. Nevertheless, corruption in our country may be the worst among others. So, any idea about this? (Hery Azwan, Jakarta, 11/12/2007).

2 tanggapan untuk “Poor Indonesia at SEA Games Thailand

  1. I am interested in your comment on our country’S poor gold medals tally. I agree that corruption is the root of indonesia’s fall down in sport achievement. As corruption is our culture, I got an idea to inform malaysian goverment to claim this culture. Don’t only claim Reog, Angklung or Batik…. but consider to claim corruption too.

  2. NIce comment, Mr Tugy. I am curious if Malaysia claims corruption as their culture, will Indonesian people react massively like other claims? I’m not sure.

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