Black Pepper Shrimp

On Saturday my wife watched “Gula-gula” (Candy) hosted by Bara P presenting recipe “Black Pepper Beef”. My wife told me that it was so easy to cook it. All ingredients were available everywhere. Finding this fact, I was interested in experiencing this new recipe.

On Sunday I went to Mall Metropolitan and had lunch there. After that, in Superindo I planned to buy prawn, not beef, since I ate beef at my lunch. Unfortunately, the prawn was not available, so I had to buy the shrimp instead.

At home I prepared ingredient that consists of garlic, onion, chilly, sugar, black pepper, salt, soybean sauce, and oyster sauce. Firstly, I cut the shrimp into almost two pieces in order to spread salt and other ingredient in it. Second, I chopped garlic, onion and chilly. After that, I poured oil on the wok. While the oil was getting hot I fried shrimp. When shrimp changed its color into red I lifted the shrimp and set it aside.

Then, I poured margarine¬† and put all ingredients (including black pepper) on the wok. Finally, I took the shrimp and poured it on the wok along with all mixed ingredients. Can you guess how is the taste? Ehmm…spicy and absolutely yummy. You should try this at home. (Hery Azwan/10/12/2007)

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