Mosquito and Acceleration

On the way home I listened to Jamil Azzaini from Kubik Leadership on Trijaya FM. He said that everybody of us had to create a wishing star in order to experience successfull life. Without a wishing star or a vision, our activity would go without direction. This situation could be resembled with a passenger who rode the taxi without telling the driver the destination he wanted to go.

The wishing star should be written clearly in order to attract all of our mind and activities. Nevertheless, our wishing star should be based on our potential. For example, it’s impossible for a Bogorese citizen to be the president of China, and so on.

Then Jamil explained that the wishing star itself was not enough without a conducive environment. One good example was the story of a mosquito that lived in a car. When the master left the city, for example from Jakarta to Bandung, he drove the car while  the mosquito rode inside the car. When he returned to Jakarta, the mosquito got out from the car and told its friend that it had already gone to Bandung. No body trusted its story and all of them called it as a liar.

L earning from mosquito’s story, Jamil said, we had to find a good environment to speed up our performance to arrive at the destination (our wishing star). We had to find the right mentor and create the networking. A mentor could be found everywhere, even from a little kid. Everything we saw in our everyday’s life might be transformed into our mentor. My question is: Is it possible to make blog as the right car for us? May bloggers have already proved it. Please share with us.  (Hery Azwan: 11/12/2007).

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