Education Reform: Redefine the Role of School

A few days ago I listened to Ayah Edy’s talk on Smart FM. He, an expert in education, proposed new paradigm of education. In his opinion, today’s education can not provide students with competence to deal with hyper competitive era.

We can see transparently in our society that many graduates are not able to find job. After completing their studies for 6 years in elementary, 3 years in junior high, 3 years in senior high and 4 years in university, they have to apply for the job, sometimes not compatible with their background, some are still jobless for a couple of years. This situation certainly can lead them to frustration.

According to Ayah Edy, this situation is caused by our ignorance with the concept of multiple intelligence. Verily every student is unique, but school refuses to accommodate this. All lesson given to the students with different potential and talent are the same. All student have to study math or alchemy although they are not interested with the subject.

At the moment many expert in education have already proposed an alternative concept of education. Some says that this concept seem to be revolutionary. At elementary, the teacher should identify the potential of a student: the strength and the weakness. At high school, when the talent has been identified, the student will be trained specifically according to his strength. For example, a student with a tendency in music is trained to be a musician. This student should not study mathematics or physics which will spend his energy.

Then, after graduating high school, the student has to find his role in society with minimum supervision of the teacher. The musician can try his ability in music industry. The writer may publish his book. The director can make a movie. The researcher can conduct a research. The accountant can work as consultant, and so forth.

Mentoring can be done from distance. Current technology of information should be used in optimal level. Finally when they are 25 years old, they have reached their peak performance and can enjoy the success in young age. No more jobless, no more frustration. The question is when this good idea will be implemented by minister of national education? Time will answer. Voila…(Hery Azwan:15/12/2007)

2 tanggapan untuk “Education Reform: Redefine the Role of School

  1. a waiting for goverment’s movement? i’m hopless…
    just do by our self what can we do…
    let’s to know what our children want and give the education according to their need, not the parent’s need…

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