Bug and Wrong Environment

The opposite of mosquito is a sort of bug called “kutu anjing” when it is inserted into match box (kotak korek api?). Naturally, the bug can jump 300 times of the size of its body. Unfortunately, after being trapped, it can only jump twice as high as its body due to the size of match box Whenever it tries to jump, it hits the roof of match box.

After period of time, when it is released from match box, how high the bug can jump? Guess how? It jumps only twice as high as its body. Why? Because it does not realize with its potential anymore. What lesson do we take from this story?

As a human, sometimes we do not realize our talent, potential, and strength. Daily activities and routine works have trapped us. With this situation we are not able to think genuinely, but we have already forgotten our default setting or our talent. Wrong environment also can lead us to this circumstance. Therefore, we should identify our potential and find the right environment.

Now, look at ourselves! Do we enjoy doing our job? Do we wake up enthusiastically on Monday morning? Do we appreciate what we have already had? If the answers of all above question are “No”, we should evaluate our environment and try to find any alternatives. (Hery Azwan: 17/12/2007).

4 tanggapan untuk “Bug and Wrong Environment

  1. Tulisan-tulisan pak Azwan makin berisi. Kalo tahun depan buku pak Azwan terbit…jgn lupa edisi gratisan saat launching ..he..hee..

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